Beginners – Learn how to read piano notes here

Learn how to read piano notesLearn how to read piano notes with these flashcards, video, and sheet music.

Here’s a set of online flashcards that will help you learn how to read piano notes.  This lesson is for all ages and piano methods,

Below you’ll also find a link to the tutorial video and optional sheet music for this lesson.



Tip: If the graphics aren’t showing on your screen, you can get the flashcard app for free at Quizlet. Then search “MPLO” for “Introduction to piano notes in C position.”

This set, “C position treble introduction” is a great one to work through if you’ve never played piano before. It will explain how to recognize the different notes on the staff so that you learn them the “right” way.

These music flashcards introduce you to each note and explain how to recognize them on the staff.

Read through the set only one time. Then move on to “Practicing note reading in C position.” This is a practice set with the answers on the back.

People who are used to shortcuts like “every good boy does fine” may struggle a bit at first as they work to unlearn the improper training. If you’re one of those lucky ones – fear not – because this method of learning will help retrain the way you look at piano notes.

If you’ve never learned to read notes before — you’re in luck! You’ll learn note-reading the “right” way so that they’ll eventually be as easy as reading words in a book. Introduction to C Position Treble (Right hand) notes on the piano.

Wondering where your hands belong?

Place your thumb on the Middle C of your keyboard. That’s the C note in the center of your keyboard — usually just beneath the piano’s brand name.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows how to place your hands in C position.

Ready for the next step?

Playing sight reading piano bookOnce you understand how to find notes on the staff, you’re ready for some practice. The next lesson includes a set of music flashcards that will help you practice your new notes. If you practice them for a few minutes each day, you’ll be reading all five notes quickly within a week.

Please be sure to continue reviewing your flashcards for a few months — even after they become easy. Once you get good at them it only takes a few seconds to review the set. But the notes are quickly forgotten without review so be sure to keep the flashcards handy!

Here’s the next set of flashcards, when you’re ready to practice reading your new notes: Practicing note reading in C position for the right hand

Practice playing your new notes

The Reading Book cover imageGet the sheet music for this lesson: The Reading Book is full of practice exercises for all ages and levels. Pages 4-9 offer a total of 30 different exercises for right hand C position.

Consistency wins every time

Even though you can learn to read and play your new notes in a day or two, you’ll still need to practice daily. It’s the consistency that helps to embed them in your mind so that they become natural over time.

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