Parents – you’ll love hearing your kids practice! Includes: Beach Castle (“The Can-Can” by J. Offenbach) • Here Comes the Bride • Yankee Doodle • Twinkle, Twinkle (Little Star) • Mom Will Help (“Contradance” by W. A. Mozart) • So Much Fun (“Morning Song” by E. Grieg) • Grandma’s Secret Visit (“London Symphony”) by F.J. Haydn • For Alicia (“Fur Elise” by L. V. Beethoven) • Make A Wish (“Gavotte” by J. S. Bach) • Beach Gear (“Waltz” by A. Diabelli) • Dance in the Rain (“Air” by W. A. Mozart) • Ode to Joy (L. V. Beethoven) • Help Me If You Can (“Aura Lee”) • Rocket Ship (Symphony No. 9 by A. Dvorak) • The New Generation (“Chopsticks”) • Roll, Roll (Row, Row, Row Your Boat) • Sing (“Musette” by J. S. Bach) • Saints (“When the Saints Go Marching In”) •  Happy Birthday • Theme from Mozart’s K. 545 Sonata